Meeting Minutes

2020 Spring Minutes

American Legion Riders Quarterly Report

Quarter __1__winter___________Year____2020___________

Charters reporting

 Portland 1___x___          Redmond 44__x___ Seaside 99 ______ Albany 10 __x___   Newport 116   ___x____ La Pine 45 ____   Dallas 20 ____ Stayton 58 ______
Warm Springs 48 _____    Salem 136 ________McMinnville 21 __x____
Santiam 51 ______ Oregon Trails 150 ___x_____Grants Pass 28 ______
Newberg 57 ___x__ Prineville 29 _____Wallowa Lake 157 ___x____ 
Tigard 158 ___x_____ Cottage Grove 32 ______  Milwaukie 180 _______
 Estacada 74 _______  La Grande 43 ____   Eugene 83 ____x____

Post 1 – $1200.00 to No More 22 run, domestic violence resource ctr., aid to hospitalized alr member. Volunteer hours – 297
Post 83 – Toys for tots poker run support, post dinner event, flag line support with patriot guard. Volunteer Hours – 105 hrs.
Post 21 – $250 McMinnville area youth baseball/softball, $1390 to post maintenance fund, $150 Donna Reid Fund (sick/injured post member) Time donated to – Memorial rose garden upkeep, xmas tree salesFor post, Meat raffle ($250 raised), battle of the branches breakfast. Volunteer hours – 222
Post 44 – $150.00 wreaths across America
Post 158 – $185 to post alr dinner. Volunteer hours –  241
Post 10 – Time donated to Veteran Funeral escorts, Vet visits in local care facilities, flag lines, winter square dance security, support staff for club. Volunteer hours – 844Post 150 – $300.00 for fort Kennedy, $300.00 to post funds, Time to – Volunteer hours – 119
Post 57 – Volunteer hours – 181
Post 116 – Volunteer hours – 31
       Upcoming Events/Fund Raisers
Post 21 – 3/8 Army Breakfast, 3/22 Marines Breakfast, First Thursday Band of Brothers @ evergreen air museum, 4/25 warm Springs Veterans Powwow and parade, 5/9 operning ceremonies at McMinnville area youth baseball/softball, 5/15-5/17 Oregon Rhododendron festival, 6/12 Ride For the alive, 6/20 Sheridan hometown day parade and bike show, 6/26 – 27 Lighthouse run Put together by Hwy 101 HD, 9/12 Legion 21 scholarship poker run.
Post 44 – Camp out in Idaho late July
Post 57 – 5/25 Memorial day, 5/30 riders poker run, 7/4 flag line in Newberg, 7/24-26 old fashion festival parade and booth, 9/26 Riders poker run, 11/8 Veterans day parade
Post 10 – 6/12 – 14 Ride for the Alive,  St. Patrick’s day dinner, Vietnam Veterans day, Memorial day
Post 157 – 3/29 Vietnam Veteran day program
Post 1 – 5/2 – 4 Loyalty days parade in Long Beach, WA, 4/25 No More 22 Poker Run
Post 150 – 4/25 No More 22 Poker Run, 5/30 Newberg’s poker run, Hosting Texas Hold’m in May, 8/15 Post 150 annual poker run.


Committee Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2019

McMinnville, Oregon

The meeting was opened with the flag salute by OALR Director, Chris Bybee.

ALR 21 Chaplain gave the opening prayer.

Roll Call:  Committee Chair:  Gale Sears  Committee Members:  Director, Vice Director West, Secretary, and Sgt. at Arms.  7 ALR Posts were represented (sign in sheet attached)

Guest:  Mark Smith, Post 17 Commander

Treasurer Report:  None available.  The annual donations need to be sent in.     

The address for donations is:  141 SE 151st St #7, Portland OR  97233.

Minutes:  Minutes from the March meeting were not available for review.  (Secretary forgot to bring them).  Minutes will be emailed out to Directors and Secretaries.

MOTION:  Bill Carlsen, ALR 83 made the motion to accept the minutes, without review.  Nick Colo’n, ALR 10 seconded the motion.  Discussion.  Bob Berweger voted no, because the minutes were not available.  11 votes yes.  Motion carried.

 Old Business
Oregon Romp – Seaside was a great time.  LaPine has expressed interest in hosting the event next year. 

Events – All events should be sent to Steve Randles so that they can be posted on the website. 

Recruitment & Participation – Discussion.  It was suggested that ALR could hand deliver membership cards to members.  It was also suggested for the Post/ALR to pay for active military.

Quarterly Reports – These need to be send in on time so that the information gets to Gale to present to Department.  Gale’s goal is to bring the activities of the Riders to the attention of the Department.  This is your opportunity to brag!

Escorts – Director West asked for more participation to escort our veterans to their final resting place, which is often Willamette National Cemetery, in Portland.  ALR 10 would be the contact.

Awards – This last convention the Director only received submissions from a couple of Posts.  Discussion on how to get more interest in the Rider of the Year and ALR Chapter of the year.

New Business:

2020 Western Romp will be held in Seaside and may be in August. 

Elections – This is difficult to complete at the annual convention.  The SOP will need to be changed to allow for holding elections at the 3rd Quarterly meeting.

KIA Patch & Flag – Bill Carlsen brought up the KIA Honor Flag organization.  He suggested that this could be a good project to adopt.    Their website is

New Chapter – Post 17 Commander, Mark Smith presented his letter to the Secretary regarding the formation of a new ALR chapter at his Post.  The secretary explained that their paperwork has been reviewed and a meeting will be set to go over the suggested changes.

Meeting adjourned.

TRAINING SESSION – Chairperson Gale Sears.  Resolution 13-07-16 Section 6 explains the Internal Affairs commission.  All Charter members need to attend a lead training session.  The training included important information on event insurance that should be shared with each Post to assure there is coverage, beyond the customary waiver.  All of the Resolutions from National were reviewed and discussed.  The lead training is available to be presented at Chapter, Post or District meetings, and should be scheduled through the OALR Chair, Gale Sears.

MOTIONBill Carlsen made the motion to accept the form “How to Start an ALR Chapter.  Paul Schnell seconded the motion.  Discussion.  Motion approved by unanimous vote.

 Meeting resumed.

Executive Committee Report

Bill Carlsen made the motion to publish the Executive Committee Report on the ALR website.  Bob Lemke seconded the motion.  Discussion.  Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Vests & Patches –

MOTION:  Steve Randles suggested investigating standards for patch designations on the vests.  Robetr Dekar seconded the motion.  Discussion.  The flag would go on the top left.  The POW/MIA would go on the top right.  The one piece back patch would go on the back.   Motion approved by unanimous vote.

MOTION:  Bob Berweger made the motion to have the Directors be responsible for their ALR Chapter’s patches on their vests, to include the Post Commander.  Robert Dekar seconded the motion.  Discussion.  Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Good of the Order:

September 18 – Wall of Honor will be escorted from Post 10 Albany KSU 0730 to Chinook Winds.

September 27 – Flag line and escort of District 2 WWI DeMarco from Keizer to Willamette KSU 0915.  More information contact Director West.

June 4-7, 2020 Western Romp in Seaside.

OALR Website – Webmaster, Steve Randles, requested that all event schedules be sent to him so that they can be included on the website calendar.  His email is  The website address is

ALR 21 Chaplain gave the closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Penny L. McCarthy

OALR Secretary

Chapter Reports Rcv’d (R) & Meeting Attendance (M) Qtr Rept.   3rd 2019 Oregon ALR Committee Report (pdf download)